9° Episodio di “Impara l’inglese con Dante”, grazie a Sinclair de Courcy Williams


Rubrica a cura di Sinclair de Courcy Williams
Talking Dante. Episode 9

This is the real beginning of the poem. But you need to remember that when Dante tells us how difficult it is now to say (to explain, to express – esprimere) how difficult it was then, that can only mean he has returned (è tornato) from his travels (i suoi viaggi) – that he is now at home, that he is trying with great difficulty to find the words to tell us how complicated the beginning of his journey (il suo viaggio) was, and how difficult it is, therefore (quindi) to begin his poem.
Weird (strano, bizzarro) is an adjective that means uncanny (sbalorditivo), supernatural, strange, queer (bizzarro), incomprehensible.
A waste or a wasteland (terra desolata) or waste ground (terreno abbandonato) is an uninhabited (disabitata), desolate (desolata) or uncultivated (incolta) area – the selva!
Recall (ricordarsi) means call back (richiamare) to the memory.
Being lost there means ‘when I was lost (perso) there’.
The fact that Dante felt as if he was dying (che stava morendo) when he was in the dark wood (la selva) is a very important question, which we can talk about next week.

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